Get Involved

1 - Connect with us!

LIKE US!  FOLLOW US! In today’s world of social media, we are often judged by out “platform reach” which basically means…who sees you and  how many people press LIKE or FOLOW.  It’s a way that lets everyone in the world circle the globe evenly, without spending millions of dollars on ads.  Give us your comments! Come on over and join the conversation, tell your story and hear ours! We want your input! Lend your brilliant ideas! Laugh with us, cry with us, teach, communicate and connect. That's what it's about, connection.


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2- Be an Advocate!

We are always on the lookout for new potential markets! We are looking for partners around the country and the world to help spread the story. If you have a store or a friend with a store that you think fits us well, give us an introduction and we will take it from there: send us an email message  Adam Pelletier our Marketing and Customer Service Champion will respond promptly! You’ll be amazed!

3- Donate!

We are a not for profit business operating under the Umbrella of MUCH ministries.  All financial donations are tax deductible.

Our Wish List November- December 2016

  • Workshop   $10,000  This space will house 3 arenas of work
  • Carpentry Shop.  This started as one man hand carving pieces and in the past two months has begun to produce a new line of r 2nd Story ideas!
  • Metal Art  Super excited to have partners coming up to teach us this craft! We feel like this investment will quickly create full time jobs!
  • Ceramic Production.  We already have a group of 6 men making hand painted beads in an earth oven they built in Jubilee. But they want to do more!  They have been persistent in asking me each month for a kiln that will allow them to glaze beads and make more of their ideas.  So this space will house the kiln(s) as well.